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Window Cleaning

Window cleaning services for homes and businesses in Reading

Cleaning & maintenance services to keep your home or workplace looking its best

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Whether you need a one-off domestic window cleaning service for your house or commercial window cleaning services for your office or business, there are clear benefits of having your windows professionally washed.

A reputable service that has years of experience can help to ease the labour-intensive task of cleaning your own windows at home, allowing you to focus on other more important things.

Anyone that has experienced a professional domestic window cleaning service can attest to the difference that clean windows make. Automatically, when your house’s windows are clean it is easier to enjoy the benefits of natural light, which are immeasurable. For businesses, especially, the benefits of clean windows are hard to ignore because appearance matters in any professional environment.

There are several benefits of paying for both commercial and domestic window cleaning services including:

It saves time and energy

The process of cleaning windows is not only tedious and daunting; it can also be dangerous for the inexperienced window cleaner. To avoid the hassle of cleaning your own windows at home or at your business, it is better to hire a professional window cleaning service that has the expertise to do the job correctly and effectively. Additionally, most window cleaners require the use of specialised equipment and hazardous chemicals that could be harmful.

It arms up the appearance of your space

When windows are not clean, it can make your space unappealing and it can be a reflection of the homeowner’s griminess. It is important to clean your windows on a regular basis because it can help to considerably enhance the ambience and actually help to improve moods. Streaked or dirty windows in a business facility can distract customers and can leave a wrong impression on clients. To enhance a business’ curb appeal, commercial window cleaning services are recommended and encouraged.

It protects windows

Professional window cleaners help to preserve the integrity of your windows, as well as keep them in good condition throughout. With time, windows begin to discolour and stain as a result of dirt and grime buildup. To prevent your windows from deteriorating, window cleaning should be conducted on regular intervals; it is often harder to restore your windows back to their shiny original look when the windows are neglected for long.


Domestic and commercial window cleaning services are affordable so you do not have to worry about breaking the bank. Whether window cleaning is required for a storefront, facility or a home, the range of prices vary depending on the extent of the work. However, there is a package and price that can suit every budget and financial capability.

We offer a complete cleaning service to homes and businesses in Reading as well as neighbouring areas.

We utilise the latest in cleaning technology to bring consistently high quality results and affordable prices.

As well as Professional window cleaning in Reading and surrounding areas, we also offer a comprehensive list of other external and internal cleaning services for homes and businesses including carpet cleaning, pressure washing, gutter clearing and grounds maintenance services.