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Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar panel cleaning in Reading using specialist cleaning equipment and techniques. Available for homes and businesses.

Regular maintenance & cleaning of both photovoltaic & water heating solar panels is essential to ensure maximum efficiency. In area’s where road grime or dust from agricultural processing is particularly bad, increases in performance of over 30% have been reported.

Improper cleaning of delicate solar panels can cause damage – so call the experienced professionals for your project! We use only pure water & soft brushes to gently remove grime and algae.

Solar energy is one of the most widely used alternative source of power in the world today. Solar panels convert energy from the sun into electrical energy which can be used in different locations. These solar panels are exposed to the atmospheric conditions, insects and a host of other factors. This can sometimes interfere with the panels ability to convert energy. 5 Star Services offers you quality solar panel cleaning services, to ensure your energy demands are not interrupted due to dirty solar panels.

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Cleaning your solar installation regularly can mean double savings – your panels more efficient AND you also get big discounts from us. Discount depends on installation size & service frequency – contact us to find out more!

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We offer a complete cleaning service to homes and businesses in Reading as well as neighbouring areas.

We utilise the latest in cleaning technology to bring consistently high quality results and affordable prices.

As well as Professional window cleaning in Reading and surrounding areas, we also offer a comprehensive list of other external and internal cleaning services for homes and businesses including carpet cleaning, pressure washing, gutter clearing and grounds maintenance services.