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Hard Floor Cleaning

Hard floor cleaning across Reading and the surrounding areas of Berkshire.

Our hard floor cleaning service is ideal for homes and non-residential locations

Professional and affordable service guaranteed. Ideal for schools, offices, shops, pubs, industrial units, factories and businesses in Reading and the neighbouring areas.

Whether you’re remodelling or renovating your house, hardwood floors are likely to be the centre of attention. 5 Star Services use the latest hard floor cleaning equipment and techniques ensuring minimum disruption and maximum benefit to you. Our floor cleaners are highly skilled, trained operatives who aim to restore the warmth and elegance back to your floors.

Cost effective for homes and businesses
100% satisfaction guaranteed
Professional and reliable team
Ideal for a wide range of floor types

Our floor cleaning company is able to handle all your needs including wood waxing, marble floor, stone, vinyl and other synthetic floor coverings. We have the solution for you find out how easy it is to maintain and preserve your floors.

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Hard flooring has many benefits, such as its strength and durability. Also, they are able to come in a range of colours and styles. This makes them a highly attractive option for private and commercial residences alike. However, there are some things that you will need to do to make sure that these floors are kept in good condition. Let’s look at some of the benefits that our hard floor cleaning service will be able to provide.

While they are made from strong materials, hard floors can still be damaged by spills. This is especially true for wooden surfaces. If not cleaned correctly, you might start to see the signs of rot. Also, tiles can start to show signs of discoloration, causing their colour to fade.

There are multiple types of hard floors that you will be able to get cleaned. For example, this treatment will see a great improvement in the way a surface like wood or stone looks. It’s also ideal for marble. It will even be able to improve the way your vinyl surfaces appear. You can also use this treatment on synthetic floor coverings. In most cases, if you have a hard floor, you will be able to use a professional cleaning service.

We offer a complete cleaning service to homes and businesses in Reading as well as neighbouring areas.

We utilise the latest in cleaning technology to bring consistently high quality results and affordable prices.

As well as Professional window cleaning in Reading and surrounding areas, we also offer a comprehensive list of other external and internal cleaning services for homes and businesses including carpet cleaning, pressure washing, gutter clearing and grounds maintenance services.